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    Take Back Control of Your Health!

    Voted as the #1 Cardio Weight Loss DVD for seniors.

    You NEVER go to the floor with Grow Young Fitness.

    Disc One

    • Cardio Routine 1 (36:55)
    • Cardio Routine 2 (35:14)
    • Cardio Routine 3 (36:16)
    • Bonus Strength Routine (23:39)
    • 3 Pillars of Easy Weight Loss (15:28)

    Disc Two

    • Cardio Routine 4 (36:01)
    • Cardio Routine 5 (34:04)
    • Cardio Routine 6 (37:23)
    • Bonus Core Routine (16:00)
    • Reduce Pain & Inflamation With Ease (10:22)

    Top Rated Weight Loss Workouts!

    Grow Young Fitness has over 750 five star reviews! Recommended by doctors all over the World!

    Fun & Easy to Follow Workouts!

    These simple chair exercises are easy to follow, and perfect for seniors or beginners! You will NEVER go to the floor with these exercises! Just simply pop your DVD into your player and hit play!

    Simple & Effective!

    Average weight loss = 8.9 pounds in the first month. Plus, working out with Deron is FUN!

    Feel The Results!

    This DVD uses simple movements to relieve pains associated with arthritis, back pain, and injuries so you can feel great again, all while losing weight effortlessly!

    "These Weight Loss Workouts have not only helped me lose over 30 pounds, but they also have improved my strength, balance, and energy levels. These Weight Loss workouts don't even feel like exercise since they are so much fun."

    ~ Bonnie