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    Take Back Control of Your Health!

    Voted as the #1 Core DVD for seniors.

    You NEVER go to the floor with Grow Young Fitness.

    Fun Core Workouts!

    Using the FREE resistance bands, we will tone, tighten, and strengthen your waistline from the chair! We never go to the floor with Grow Young Fitness Core!

    Simple and Effective!

    We will tighten the upper, lower, and side obliques all from the chair, burning stubborn belly fat with every workout!

    Better Balance!

    When you strengthen the core, you not only lose stubborn belly fat, you also improve your balance!

    Feel The Results!

    You will love the way you feel when you follow these core workouts. Nothing works the core better than these Step By Step Grow Young Fitness Core Workouts!

    Hear What People Are Saying!