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When is the Best Time to Exercise? Morning, Afternoon, or Evening?


Are you someone who prefers to tackle their workout bright and early, seize the day with a midday sweat session, or unwind with an evening workout session?

When it comes to exercise timing, everyone has their preference – but which is truly the best?

Let's explore the benefits of morning, afternoon, and evening workouts to help you determine the optimal time to break a sweat and elevate your fitness game.


Morning Workouts: Rise and Shine for Success

There's something invigorating about starting your day with a workout. Morning exercisers swear by the energy boost and mental clarity they gain from breaking a sweat before the day even begins. Here are some benefits of morning workouts:

  • Boosted metabolism: Jumpstarting your metabolism early in the day can set the tone for better calorie burning throughout the day.
  • Enhanced mood: Morning exercise releases endorphins, helping you start your day on a positive note and reducing stress levels.
  • Consistency: By knocking out your workout first thing, you eliminate the risk of other responsibilities derailing your plans later in the day.


Deron's Picks for Morning People:

  • Workouts: Foundation or Cardio routines will get your Day started right.

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  • Supplements: The Breakfast Replacement Shake is a perfect way to start your morning. It's packed with plant protein and will keep you full until lunch. Only 100 Calories!


Afternoon Workouts: Midday Motivation and Performance

If mornings aren't your thing, fear not – there's still plenty to love about afternoon workouts. Here's why you might want to consider a midday sweat session:

  • Peak performance: Research suggests that body temperature and muscle strength are at their highest levels in the afternoon, potentially leading to better workout performance.
  • Stress relief: Afternoon workouts offer an excellent opportunity to break away from the demands of work or a busy day and destress with physical activity.


Deron's Picks for Afternoon People:

  • Workouts: Foundation, Cardio, Strength, Yoga, Chair Boxing, or any of the Grow Young Fitness workouts. Whatever you are feeling that day.

  • Supplements: The Collagen or Hydration products are great in the afternoon!


Evening Workouts: Unwind and Unleash Your Potential

For some, the day doesn't truly end until they've done their exercise. Evening workouts offer a chance to decompress, destress, and finish the day strong. Consider these benefits:

  • Better sleep: Contrary to popular belief, evening exercise doesn't necessarily disrupt sleep – in fact, many people find that it promotes deeper, more restful slumber.
  • Time flexibility: Evening workouts allow you to take advantage of post-work or post-dinner downtime, making it easier to fit exercise into a busy schedule.
  • Improved mood: Exercise releases feel-good endorphins, helping you unwind and relax after a long day.


Deron's Picks for Evening People:

  • Workouts: The Grow Young Fitness Chair Yoga routines are perfect for the evening and will help you get to sleep faster and wake up feeling flexible and rejuvenated!

  • Supplements: The Premium Collagen is the perfect after-dinner treat. Plus, the benefits of collagen are amazing! Try it today!


The Verdict: The Best Time is Your Time

So, when is the best time to exercise?

The answer ultimately depends on your personal preferences, schedule, and lifestyle. Whether you're an early bird, a lunchtime warrior, or a night owl, the most important thing is finding a time that works for you and sticking with it consistently.

Remember, the benefits of exercise extend far beyond the time of day – so lace up your sneakers, hit the gym, and embrace the power of movement whenever it fits into your life.

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