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GYF products are safely made in the United States.

When a product is made in the United States, higher standards must be followed, especially with supplements. We strive to bring you the safest and most pure ingredients.

Super Food Boost
Easy Protein

Super Food Boost

Tastes just like apple juice and perfect to use as a boost, snack, or when on the go!

  • Only 45 Calories.
  • 25+ superfoods per serving.
  • Boost energy.
  • Burn Fat.
  • Protect against chronic disease.

Meal Replacement Protein

Feel full longer and crush cravings by providing nutrients and protein you may be missing.

  • Only 96 calories.
  • 20g plant based protein per serving.
  • No soy, dairy, or whey.
  • Eliminate bloating.
  • Pleasant vanilla or chocolate flavors available!