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    Introducing a NEW meal replacement shake for older adults!

    Only $1.63 per meal.

    Say Goodbye To Cravings With This Powerful Meal In A Glass.

    Unlock your weight loss potential by replacing any meal of your day with one nutritious scoop made from plants!*

    Perfect to fight night-time cravings!

    Safe - Simple - Effective

    High Protein

    The most pure plant protein supplement you will ever find.*


    A scoop a day to take the pounds away.*

    Helps Arthritis Joint Pain

    Anti-inflammatory turmeric to reduce swelling.*

    Eliminate Bloating

    Feel lighter and have more energy.*

    Digestive Enzymes

    Probiotic blend for a healthy stomach.*

    Click Here To Get Recipes For The GYF Meal Replacement Shake!

    Real Food Is Inside

    We use real food ingredients to bring you the most wholesome and nutritious meal replacement shake on the market. This is the most pure protein supplement you will ever find.

    Pea Protein

    * High-quality and easily digested protein. It is also great for the skin, and the heart.


    * Powerful anti-inflammatory. Soothes stiffness and pain from arthritis.

    Probiotic Blend

    * Reduces bloating. Helps break down and digest so you can absorb all of the quality nutrients and protein.


    * Helps with Blood Pressure, and is an essential nutrient in preventing and managing heart disease.


    * Broccoli is a nutritional powerhouse full of vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants.


    * Helps to lower cholesterol and promotes weight loss.

    Turkey Tail Mushrooms

    * Packed with antioxidants, and reduces inflammation.


    * Reduces risk of Cardiovascular disease and loaded with antioxidants.

    Flax Seeds.

    * High in dietary fiber. May lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

    Hear What People Are Saying!

    What This Shake Is & What It Is Not!

    This is not loaded with sugars, additives, lactose, dyes, or fillers that other supplements have and often times can lead to weight gain. It may have a slight green tint since it is a plant based protein with no dyes.

    This product is formulated from six organic, gluten free grains — oats, amaranth, buckwheat, chia, millet and quinoa.

    This is results in a glass that will make you feel good!*

    This is unlike any protein you have had in the past.

    Click Here To Get Recipes For The GYF Meal Replacement Shake!

    GYF Products are safely made in the United States.

    When a product is made in the United States, higher standards must be followed, especially with supplements. We strive to bring you the safest and most pure ingredients.

    A Note From Deron

    It is not your fault that every other supplement you have ever tried in the past did not work or left you feeling bloated!

    Most supplements focus on 2 things. Using low quality ingredients to reduce their cost, and their focus is on taste, not results.

    We do not do that.

    We keep it simple. We keep it safe. We keep it Effective.

    You take the shakes because you want results right?

    Well, it is common sense that if you give someone something that tastes way too good to be true, it probably is.

    The sugars, sweeteners, additives, dyes, wheys, and fillers other protein powders have are what make it hard for you to actually lose weight. Often times those low-quality, empty calorie ingredients cause inflammation, bloating, and digestive problems.

    So, I removed practically all of it to ensure that you will actually get the best results and feel amazing. This product may have a slight green tint to it because we do NOT use dyes to color it and it is coming from pure plant protein.

    This shake still tastes great, but I don’t want you to expect a milk shake.

    I used a subtle natural vanilla flavor that makes the shake go down with ease. It is nothing overpowering, and it is not too sweet.

    It is something that you will be able to take for the long term without getting burned out by overpowering flavors most other supplements give you! You will learn to love the taste because it will be delivering you powerful results!

    The Grow Young Fitness Meal Replacement Plant Protein mixes better than any other protein on the market. Since we use the purest form of ingredients, they mix easily in water.

    Many other proteins you may have tried in the past were chunky, or did not mix well. The Grow Young Fitness Meal Replacement Plant Protein mixes perfectly.

    It will never chunk.

    It mixes simply with a spoon in a glass. No shaker or blender required!

    Plain and simple, it is a shake that for the first time in the history of protein, focuses on your results!

    ~ Deron Buboltz

    *Replace a meal a day With Grow Young Fitness Plant Protein and see THE RESULTS for yourself. Order Yours Today!



    Sample our supplements to see if they are right for you. Samples are available for our Super Food Boost and Meal Replacement.