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Snack Replacement
Snack Replacement
Snack Replacement
Snack Replacement
Snack Replacement
Snack Replacement
Snack Replacement
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Snack Replacement

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  • Reduces Bloating!
  • 30 servings per container.
  • Only 45 calories per serving.
  • Average Weight Loss = 8.7 lbs per month.
  • Reduces Inflammation & Pain.
  • NO added sugar.
  • Gluten & caffeine free.
  • Dairy & soy free.
  • Only 5g of carbs.
  • Diabetic friendly.

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Feel Younger - Look Younger - Move Better - Lose Weight FAST

Ready in less than a minute!

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
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Carole F.
United States United States
Energy Boost

My energy typically “lags” mid afternoon and I usually have a snack around 3:00. I would usually have some snack crackers and a pice of fruit. It filled my hunger, but didn’t necessarily boost my energy level. I have been using the Snack Replacement since I got it and my energy level is better until I go to bed around 10:00. However, I mix a half scoop of the Snack Replacement with a half scoop of the vanilla Meal Replacement because I find the Snack Replacement is too sweet for my taste even though I mix it with about 2 cups of water.

Grow Young Fitness

That is a perfect way to use the product, Carole! We are happy to hear you are enjoying it and have found something that works for you. Thank you for your helpful feedback :)

Virginia K.
United States United States
Snack replacement, Green Apple

The taste was awful with just water. Most likley not buy again. I have not tried the strawberry banana, do not want to open in case I want to return.

Grow Young Fitness

Thank you for your honest feedback, Virginia! Many members have found that mixing it with half water and half milk to do the trick. or even adding their favorite fruits. Either way, you will receive an email from our Support Team to get this straightened out for you. Thank you for writing to us today. :)

Beverly J.
United States United States
Snack Replacement

Great taste. Does keep you from feeling hungry

Grow Young Fitness

Thank you for your honest feedback, Beverly! We hope you continue to enjoy the product! :)

Patricia M.
United States United States
snack replacement

Little over sweet for me but I like it and it helps with my cravings.

Grow Young Fitness

Thank you for your honest feedback, Patricia! It is very much appreciated! :) We are glad you found something that works for you! It is totally okay to adjust the amount of liquid to augment the taste to your liking! I would recommend mixing the product with more liquid!

25+ Real Super Foods Inside To Detox Your Body.

Organic Ingredients used! We use real food ingredients to bring you the most nutritious Super Food Drink on the market. This is the healthiest drink you will ever find, and it tastes great!


* Boosts immune system. An apple a day keeps the doctor away!

Goji Berry

* Stabilizes Blood Sugar, Protects Against Cancer & Promotes Healthy Skin.

Acai Berry

* Boost brain function, and lowers cholesterol.


* Soothes digestion and relieves muscle fatigue.

Organic Mint

* Helps with cramps, aids in digestion, and improves brain function.

Organic Spirulina

* A good source for plant protein – One of the best superfoods!

Coconut Water

* High in potassium, and helps transport all of these ingredients throughout the bloodstream.

Organic Chlorella

* Super high in protein, one of the hardest superfoods to get in your diet, and healthy polyunsaturated fats.

Organic Broccoli

* Broccoli is a nutritional powerhouse full of vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. This is a one time purchase and you will not be automatically charged or sent more.

This product contains only 5g of carbohydrates, so it will not cause major spikes in Blood Glucose Levels.

The super food boost is custom designed for people 60+

Anytime of the day, but best in the morning or mid-afternoon. Just simply replace a snack or meal with Super Food Boost.


No. It is only available right here on our website.

When you give your body the nutrients it craves, your stomach tells your brain you are no longer hungry. This makes your cravings stop, and you significantly reduce your caloric intake to lose weight effectively.

You can mix Super Food Boost with water, milk, or your favorite smoothie. There also recipes sent to you via email when you purchase.

Absolutely. This will expedite your weight loss results.

There is only 45 calories per serving.

There are 30 servings. If you take 1 a day, it will last you 30 days.

1 point.

No. There is no added sugar.


Say Goodbye To Cravings With This Powerful Snack In A Glass.

Unlock your weight loss potential by replacing any snack of your day with one nutritious scoop made from plants!*

Perfect to fight night-time cravings!

Safe - Simple - Effective

Weight Loss Super Foods

Burn Fat with these powerful superfoods!

Boosts Metabolism Naturally

Feel younger. Feel Stronger. Reduce Arthritis Pain.

Supports Immunity

Boost immune system, and get sick less often.

Supports Detox

Remove toxins from your body in less than 30 seconds a day.

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